Teeth/Breath Treatment

two dogs open their mouth

Teeth and breath treatments are available to maintain the health and integrity of your dog’s oral hygiene. Your dog’s teeth and gums are equally as important as any other aspect of their health, especially since dog’s don’t have the same dental habits that humans do. Although dogs aren’t able to brush their teeth every day, this doesn’t mean they shouldn’t receive proper cleanings and treatments! Our teeth and breath treatments are designed to not only keep their teeth and gums healthy, but to also ensure they’re able to perform regular activities with their mouths, such as chewing, playing, and eating.

Teeth Treatment
Teeth treatments are designed to whiten and brighten your dog’s teeth, removing any buildup or plaque that’s accumulated on the surface of your dog’s teeth. Often times, plaque and residue build up on the edges of the teeth near the gums, creating a discoloration of yellow around the top or bottom of your dog’s teeth. When done safely, this can be removed in order to keep your dog’s gums healthy. Leaving this plaque for longer periods of time can eventually result in decay or inflamed gums. One of the best ways to prevent this buildup in between cleanings is to feed your dog specialty teeth treats that are designed to remove such plaque.

Preventing Gingivitis
One of the biggest advantages to keeping your dog’s teeth and breath healthy is to prevent the development and spreading of gingivitis. Gingivitis is irritation and inflammation of your dog’s gums, often resulting in sensitive or bleeding gums. Gingivitis can eventually lead to gum disease when not treated and can cause lasting discomfort, pain, and swelling when your dog chews or eats. Keeping their teeth and gums healthy can not only ensure that your dog dodges gingivitis, but also that they’re able to eat normally and healthily as they age.

Breath Treatment
Breath treatments, like general teeth cleanings, are intended to reduce the buildup of harmful bacteria and germs in the mouth. We know that dogs have a sense of adventure when outdoors, so it’s very easy for them to pick up foreign objects in their mouth, while also their regular food intakes of treats and kibble. Breath treatments help reduce the smell and bacteria lingering in their mouth, making it more bearable for them to give you kisses but also to preventing them from developing serious oral hygiene problems.

Healthy Gums
Healthy gums are crucial to having a healthy dog in general. If your dog’s gums are irritating or inflamed, they’re less likely to have as much energy and eat normally because of the pain. Healthy gums can also ensure that your dog can perform basic activities, such as playing with their favorite toy, chewing hard foods, grooming themselves, and playing with you. The best way to maintain the health of your dog’s gum are have them checked and cleaned regularly, provide them the right treats and toys to naturally clean them, and make use of our teeth and breath treatment services!