Shed Less Treatment

man trimming the dog's hair

A shed less treatment is a specialty treatment that, when applied to your dog, can help reduce excessive shedding and indoor shedding around your home. Certain dog breeds are known to shed more than others and it can be challenging to keep up with the amount of fur around the house if you have a dog breed that sheds more. With our shed less treatment, we ensure that your dog’s shedding is manageable, but not harmful, to their health.

Breeds That Shed The Most
There are certain breeds of dogs that tend to shed more than others, these breeds include shepherd dogs, such as Border Collies or Australian Shepherds, husky dogs such as Alaskan and Serbian Huskies, as well as Malamutes, Akitas, and spaniels with shaggier hair. While the list isn’t limited to these breeds, you may find it challenging to keep up with their excessive hair loss as seasons change. Most will shed even more in the summer time so as to keep their body temperatures cooler. We use our specialty shed less treatment to help you manage hair loss in the summer and at any other time!

Shed Less Treatment
The shed less treatment itself uses a chemical solution that is applied to the dog’s fur and is later removed gently, followed by brushing the fur. While it may seem like an excessive amount of fur is coming out in one sitting, don’t be worried as this is all fur that can healthily be removed without causing your dog skin damage or irritation. After the treatment, your dog will still have a full coat of fur and be happier and healthier than ever!

Dandruff is a common problem amongst dogs, regardless of what kind of fur they have or how long or short it is. Dandruff, like it is in humans, is the result of dry skin or irritation at the cuticle of the hair. To reduce dandruff in dogs, we use specialty treatments that are intended to moisturize the scalp and skin of your dog, reducing bacteria buildup that causes itching, scratching, and dry skin flakes. Dogs can get dandruff at any time of year but you may notice it more in the summer or peak of winter, when the air is dryer. Our dandruff treatments are soothing and relaxing, adding relief to your dog’s irritated skin.

Hair Loss Maintenance
Hair loss maintenance is one of the many benefits of our shed less treatments. Since certain dog breeds tend to shed more than others because of the season or their fur type, you might find it difficult to keep up with cleaning up their shedding mess around the house. Either on furniture, carpet, your clothes, or everywhere else, pet fur can be challenging to remove in bulk. Our shed less treatments are designed to help you better manage the fur that is lost around the house by reducing the amount of it in one go. We don’t remove an unhealthy amount of fur, but our shed less treatments will help you instantly notice a difference when we remove loose fur that your dog would otherwise shed around the house.