Shampoo and Conditioner Bath

man bathing the dog

Shampoo and conditioner baths are available to give your dog their regular bath to remove dandruff, dirt, dust, and any other buildup they might have along the way, while also combing out any mattes or tangles in their fur. Shampooing is typically done first followed by conditioning treatments that are intended to make it easier for us to comb through the fur and remove any tangles with ease. Once completed, your dog is then blow-dried and styled with their clean coat.

Shampooing your dog is one of the most important steps when bathing them in general. We have a selection of shampoos to choose from depending on your dog’s needs and their sensitivities. Some of our specialty shampoos include oatmeal shampoos, flea shampoo, and general flea and tick removal – should we find any during the bathing process. Once an appropriate shampoo has been massaged into your dog’s fur, we will then gently rinse it out entirely before adding a conditioner to soften the fur. Our shampoos have a gentle scent that’s not overbearing but can keep your dog smelling great for days.

Conditioning treatments are intended to soften the fur and fluff it out for your dog’s comfort. This also helps us comb through any tangles or mattes in your dog’s fur and avoids having to pull or tug at them when brushing through. The conditioner can also add moisture to your dog’s fur and prevent dandruff buildup and itchy or irritated skin. The conditioning treatment is non-toxic and suitable for all types of dogs’ fur and is moisturizing to their skin too, reducing itching and irritation, if present.

Sensitive Skin
We understand that some dogs may have more sensitive skin or allergies than others. That is why we make our services available and tailored to every type of fur and skin there is. We want your dog to feel comforted and relaxed during their grooming session and this means using products that are non-toxic and safe for your dog’s use. We also take care when grooming a dog that has injuries or areas that need to be protected in order for them to heal properly. Our extra precautionary measures ensure that your dog has no pain or discomfort during the grooming process.

Softer Fur
If you want your furry friend to have softer fur, one of the best ways to do that is with regular baths and conditioning treatments. Some dogs have courser fur than others which can make it difficult to keep it soft and untangled. However, our shampoos and conditioners are designed with only the best solutions to detangle and detox your pet’s skin and fur for long-lasting comfort and softness. Removing sweat and dirt buildup from the skin glands can lead to softer fur that doesn’t feel as oily or greasy, and dandruff removing shampoos can reduce irritation and dryness on the skin, which means you won’t notice flakes when petting your dog in the meantime.