Nail Trimming

man holding the dog's foot

Nail trimming services help manage the length of your dog’s nails so that they are able to perform daily activities as normal with ease and comfort. This includes walking, running, and playing as usual. When your dog’s nails are too long, they can interfere with both the shape of your dog’s foot and the position in which they walk, as well as making it uncomfortable for them to scratch, play, or run like they would regularly do. However, it is also important to ensure that special care is taken when cutting your dog’s nails, as each of their nails has a small blood vessel in it that, when punctured, can cause severe pain, bleeding, and discomfort.

Nail Trimming
Nail trimming and nail clipping are done by using a specialty dog nail clipper to softly trim the edges of your dog’s nails at an angle that makes it comfortable for them to walk and stand on. Your dog’s nails should lightly brush the surface of the ground but should not protrude from their paws to create an arch on the ground. Letting your dog’s nails grow this far can cause unbalanced walking positions, lack of energy, or general discomfort. Your dog’s nails are likely to only need a slight trimming every month, but can be done more if your dog’s nails grow quickly.

Nail Filing
Nail filing is done after your dog’s nails have been trimmed. Since the clippers cut your dog’s nails at an angle, they can be sharp on the sides until they have naturally softened out a bit. We assist in filing your dog’s nails to avoid the sharp edges. Other times, dogs may not need to have their nails clipped and instead only need a slight trimming, which helps slim back the edges for more comfort.

Paw Pad Moisturizer
Paw pad moisturizing treatments are developed to smooth out your dog’s paw pads for their comfort and for yours. Dogs’ paw pads will often develop a scratchy and rough texture over time, similar to a callous on humans. While you don’t necessarily want to get rid of the rough feeling, moisturizing it can make it easier for your dog to walk, run, and play on. Our paw pad moisturizing treatments help smooth out any loose pieces of the paw pad to prevent them from getting cut or trapped on anything, and can give your dog’s paws a softer cushion for the bottom of their feet.

One of our biggest and main concerns when working with your dog is to maintain their safety and health. We have experience in cutting dogs’ nails of all sizes, breeds, and calibers, and we know the safest way to go about the process without hurting or harming your dog. If your dog has black nails where the blood vessel can be difficult to see in the nail, we take extra care in slowly filing it down to a comfortable length to avoid cutting it too far and puncturing a vein.