Hair Trimming

trimming the dog's hair

Hair trimming services are designed to keep your pooch groomed with the appropriate lengths of hair that are comfortable, manageable, and fitting to their breed and body shape. It is important that your dog’s fur matches their activity levels and the length that the breed is supposed to maintain, as cutting or shaving the fur from a breed intended to have longer fur can significantly affect their skin and overall health. If you have questions regarding your dog’s fur length and what is safe, just let us know and we’d be happy to offer some information and recommendations.

Hair Trimming
Hair trimming is usually done on the basic parts of the dog where fur can go quickly and would benefit from being cut to a shorter length. These areas usually include the ears, near the nose or mouth, paws, near genitals and their belly, and around eyes or the face. Hair trimming is a painless process and is done tastefully to match your breed’s aesthetic. Texas weather can be very unpredictable, but one thing is for sure… It’s HOT! Having your dogs hair trimmed will allow them to be more cool during these harsh summers that will leave us sweating. We take great pride in our work so you’ll never pick up your dog with a poor haircut or missing more fur than they should! You can trust us on that!

Paw Fur Trimming
While you may not notice it, your pooch can actually grow fur in between their nails and paw pads, meaning this fur – when untrimmed – can accumulate dirt and sand and germs quicker than other areas. Whether your dog is a lover of the great outdoors or they’re accustomed to staying inside, keeping the fur between their paws and toes ensures healthier paws, better balance, and greater mobility to avoid discomfort on their feet. Our paw fur trimming services aren’t intended to remove the fur entirely, but to keep it groomed enough that your dog isn’t challenged when walking or running, and that they’re able to perform regular activities with greater ease.

Sensitive Areas Trimming
Trimming the fur around sensitive areas of your dog is crucial, mostly because these areas can accumulate bacteria quicker than other areas. We are very careful when it comes to these trimmings because it is very important. These areas can include the stomach, where fur can drag or outdoor debris can get caught on the fur, as well as near the genitals and anus, where your dog could regularly buildup debris, when not cleaned and trimmed properly. Most dogs attempt to keep themselves clean in these areas, but trimming their fur only makes self-grooming easier and more manageable for your dog. So why not give them a hand?

Ears/Eyes/Nose/Mouth Fur Trimming
Another important place to consider trimming is near your dog’s face and their facial features. Trimming around your dog’s ears, eyes, nose, and mouth is important so that your dog can use their senses normally and without fur getting stuck or caught in the way. Excessive fur on these areas can result in difficulty seeing, ear infections, bacteria buildup around their snout, or matted fur near their mouth. Our trimming services are incredibly gentle and we do all that we can to ensure that your dog is calm during the trimming process. We remove and brush out any tangles mattes and other uncomfortable knots in the fur.