Ear Cleaning

dog looking to someone

Like on humans, dogs ear are very sensitive and usually can’t be cleaned with a swab or tool like humans might use. But, just like humans, dogs are also prone to ear infections when their ears aren’t kept clean and free from buildup. With our professional ear-cleaning services, we’re able to safely remove dirt and buildup within your dog’s ear to prevent smells, irritation, ear infections, and discomfort.

Ear Infection Prevention
Preventing ear infections is one of the many ways that you can ensure your dog is healthy and happy at all times. Ear infections can be difficult to detect at first, mostly because they occur deep within the ear canal. If your dog is excessively shaking or itching their ears, or you notice an odd color, funny smell, or the ear is swelling, it’s best to have a vet take a look at your pet. To avoid your pet from getting an ear infection entirely, keeping their ears cleaned is a surefire way. Luckily, our professional grooming services can help you in combatting potential ear infections in your dog’s ears, especially if they’re active outdoors where it’s common for pests and other bacteria to take up residence in your dog’s ears.

Washing Out The Ear
The process of cleaning your dog’s ears commences with washing out their ears with a gentle cleansing solution. This is intended to remove any fleas and ticks that are present in your dog’s ears, as well as remove any extra residue that’s found its way into your dog’s ears. The ear cleansing process is painless and can help soothe your dog’s ears if they’re irritated from the dirt or buildup inside of them. Once your dog’s ears have been cleansed, we will then take some of the remaining cleansing solution on a soft cloth or pad and wipe away any remaining residue or bacteria.

At-home Cleaning Treatments
If you’re looking for ways to keep your dog’s ears clean or if they’re more prone to ear infections and could use more regular upkeep between grooming sessions, we can recommend an at-home cleansing routine to keep your dog’s ears healthy. The at-home cleansing treatments are completed the same way we would complete them, using a soft cleansing solution on a pad and wiping away any obvious residue. This way, you not only bond with your dog but you keep their ears clean between grooming sessions as well.

As with all of our grooming treatments, we aim to make the ear cleaning process one that’s comfortable for your dog. Dogs can be quite sensitive about their ears and rightfully so. That’s why it is so much more important to ensure that they are totally and completely comfortable when cleaning them. Providing your dog with comfort during the cleaning process can build trust and help us, as groomers, to better clean your dog’s ears more thoroughly and safely. Your dog’s comfort is one of our top priorities when it comes to cleaning any part of their body – especially their ears!