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Houston, TX Local Dog Grooming Near Me

Are you looking for a local dog grooming service near you? We got you! You can now have your dog’s grooming care without leaving the comforts of your home.

Who We Are
We are one of the leading local dog grooming service providers in Houston, Texas. We have profoundly skilled, licensed, and experienced groomers, excellent products, and adoring attention to guarantee a delightful encounter for each pet while drawing out their inward excellence. Pet prepping is available in our mobile-state-of-the-art facility that offers greater ease and convenience for you and your pet.

Mobile dog grooming services are movable professional dog care services that are carried directly to your home and offer more comfort and convenience with regards to giving your dog a regular shower or their specialty grooming service. This type of dog grooming service has been on-trend, and many pet owners are enjoying these hassle-free grooming services. Through this, you can save your time and energy from going out to have your dog groomed! 

What to Expect?
You can expect the best quality grooming and pet care available. We concentrate on developing a trusting, safe, and stress-free relationships with pets. The best part here is that getting started is simple! You only have to contact us and provide us information about the services you want for your dog. After that, our licensed groomer will come right at where you are.

Our friendly grooming experts will talk about our services, any exceptional facilities your pet requires, and schedule your best time of availability with our staff. All of our mobile dog specialists are authorized and accredited.

Services We Offer
Our group of expert dog groomers isn’t only authorized to give the best quality of specialized pooch care but also have some expertise in building a trusting relationship with your dog. By doing so, they will have a sense of security while getting their regular hair wash, breath treatment, nail filing, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

  • Ear Cleaning 

We offer expert ear cleaning that not just washes out your dog’s ear to eliminate development but also gives a delicate and alleviating scrub all through the ear that makes it simple to wipe away any unusual buildup.

  • Shampoo and Conditioner Bath 

Based upon their necessities, we’re glad to offer types of assistance, including bug shampoos, oats shampoos for delicate skin, insect and tick removal, and significantly more during the bathing process.

  • Nail Trimming 

Nail cutting, nail filing, and pet claw trimming services are accessible to give your dog the most helpful nails and paws conceivable. Pet nail cutting is significant since your pet’s nails give balance and solace to your dog when performing various activities.

  • Teeth/Breath Treatment 

We offer teeth brushing services to help battle gum disease, terrible breath, plaque, and rot. Our teeth and breath medicines can make oral cleanliness simpler and more sensible in your dog.

  • Hair Trimming 

Hair trimming can incorporate anything from a simple trim around the face to an all-out haircut or shaving. Most dog breeds only require a simple cut occasionally, while different dogs that develop more hair around their face and features will require haircuts to deal with their long hide.

  • Shedding Treatment 

Our shed-less treatments can help make your dog’s shedding more manageable, whatever your pet’s breed is.

What are the Advantages of Utilizing a Mobile Pet Groomer? 
The intended purpose of mobile pet grooming is to provide grooming services directly to your home or business. During customary prepping, pets can get troubled from being rushed, abused, or presented to different pets – bringing about infection or injury. Our Houston, Tx Local Dog Grooming offers an elective arrangement, so your pet can unwind in comfort. Other extraordinary advantages to versatile grooming include:

  • No sedation 
  • No enclosure confinement 
  • No exposure to different animals 
  • No compelling reason to move your pet 
  • Top of the line services accessible at reasonable costs 
  • Perfect, safe, and atmosphere controlled climate. 
  • Drop the problem of dropping off and picking up
  • Less danger of pet injury, nausea, or harm to your vehicle 
  • Takes out partition nervousness and stress 

Contact Us Today!
​In case you want to pamper your dog for extravagant grooming services, don’t hesitate to contact us right away!

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Should You Groom a Dog When it’s Wet or Dry?

There numerous valid justifications for grooming your pet routinely. However, if the groomer is inexperienced and knows nothing about the things to avoid, it can do a great of harm if not cautious enough. For example, not knowing that brushing the wet coat of your dog can make the hair tangles of your dog tighter can be detrimental to your pet.

We have listed some of the activities that you should avoid at all costs in grooming your dog. Additionally, you will also find the best condition when you should groom your dog.

Brushing a Wet Coat
Brush your dog’s hair before a shower or when its dry is advisable, as water can make tangles and knots considerably tighter. 

Numerous brushes can get the wet hair and pull at the skin, making distress or torment your dog. Attempt to dry them your as much as possible after the shower and afterward brush their hair equally toward the hair development. If you find that you need to brush while in the shower, use a brush with wide, adjusted fibers or a brush. 

If you have a short-haired breed, try utilizing an elastic brush to eliminate dead hair and avoid extreme shedding. Since short-haired canines don’t tangle, you can brush them while shampooing or after the fur has dried. 

Dog’s Daily Bath
Daily baths bare the coat of your dog of its essential oils and can make dry skin even more critical. Barring any skin problems, bathing your dog once a month should be enough and also enable your dog to produce natural oils to help keep the coat naturally polished.

After bathing, towel dry, or let your canine’s hair dry in a natural way. Utilizing a hairdryer may be enticing, yet there are numerous dangers included. First off, you can burn your pet by over-drying, try to use a canine dryer. 

You can likewise make overheating by causing your pet’s internal heat level to rise above critical levels. Moreover, you can dry your pet’s skin out, which can prompt different issues.

Haircut During Summer
Shaving your pet during warm-climate months is typically pointless, and it meddles with their characteristic internal heat level guideline. In addition to the fact that it makes them more inclined to burn from the sun, yet canines with undercoats, for example, German Shepherds, Huskies, Pomeranians, and Chows, among others, are exceptionally effective at catching air inside their undercoat. 

The undercoats help keep them cool in the mid-year and warm in the winter. What’s more, shaving can harm the hair follicles, making the coat develop back dull or once in a while sketchy in places.

Poor Washing
Inadequate rinsing can prompt genuine skin aggravation, balding, tangled fur, and different issues. Dry shampoo will hull, and in the long run, mat or tangle the hair, and shampoo residue will leave your pet’s fur dull. Make sure to rinse your pet entirely to prevent this.

In conclusion, it’s best to groom your dog when it’s dry to prevent the hair entanglement tighter that can cause stress and pain to your pet. Also, it’s essential to remember the things that you should avoid as a pet owner to maintain the health of your pet. 

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How Often Should I Groom Your Dog?

Each dog is unique, the same as their prepping needs. How frequently they need their hair brushed, managed, and washed will rely upon the length, texture, and thickness of your dog’s coat. Although grooming needs can change depending on the breeding varieties, there are some standard norms for various kinds of dog hair. 

In this article, you will find the grooming needs for long-haired dogs, short-haired dogs, dogs with thick undercoats to help keep your pets look and feel better, and how often you should groom them. 

How Often Should a Short-haired Dog be Groomed?
Short-haired dogs have less grooming needs compared to long-haired dogs. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean that your short-haired pets don’t need any of your attention. Whatever the breed is, regular brushing stimulates and keeps your dog’s hair and coat healthy by distributing oils and eliminating debris on your dog’s fur that can eventually affect its skin. 

Curry brushes work best for dogs with smooth, short hair like Pitbull’s and Pugs. Dogs with oilier skin types benefit from a decent wash in the tub, ideally every 4 to 6 weeks, while dogs with not-so-oily skin need a shower every 6 to 12 weeks.

How Often Should a Long-haired Dog be Groomed?
A long-haired dog will need a decent brush of its hair once a day. However, if you want your dog’s coat to be longer, you can groom it twice a day. Choose a brush that effectively works out tangles, especially on places near the skin where the damage usually is. Always check your dog’s coat for any entanglement since it can be painful mats tug into your dog’s skin if it goes undetected.

Ideally, long-haired dogs need a bath every 4 to 6 weeks, complemented by cutting of hair every 8 to 12 weeks. An ideal balance is achievable by visiting a trusted, expert groomer every six weeks. Brushing your dog regularly at home can make your grooming visits less. The groomer will likely suggest frequent visits if the groomer sees your dog’s unhealthy coat, which you can prevent by brushing its coat more often.

How Often Should a Thick-Undercoat Dog be Groomed?
Dogs that have thick undercoats such as spitz require regular brushing and monthly baths to make them feel comfortable and healthy. It is beneficial to use an undercoat rake with revolving tines rather than with the sharp blades since cutting the undercoat can intrude on the growth pattern and texture.

Having a thorough undercoat removal by a professional groomer every 8 to 12 weeks will help enable your dog’s skin and coat to breathe without dropping functional insulation.

As you can read, each dog has its own unique grooming needs that may require less or frequent prepping, depending on its breed. You can visit your local grooming expert to give you the specific needs of your dog based on its breed. 

Needing Some Professional Grooming Help?
Not a problem! An expert groomer can directly go to your house to provide the grooming needs of your lovely dog. All you have to do is call, and a professional groomer will be right on your way!

Call us today!

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Mobile Dog Grooming Services

Taking your dog and puppy to the groomer can be a bit of a hassle sometimes. Having to clean up the fur on your car seats is the least of your problems when those little fluffballs or your big dog won’t stop misbehaving in the car. What if the groomer is far from your house and you are too tired to drive?

A magnificent idea becomes the solution that addresses these issues.

Mobile Dog Grooming
Mobile dog grooming is a hassle-free dog grooming service that can come right in front of your doorstep to offer grooming services for your pets. It is preferred by the present pet owners who are too busy to take out their dog for its grooming needs.

The comfort for you and the elite consideration for your pet make it alluring to utilize a mobile dog care service. The inverter in the mobile furnishes power to the dryer, table, trimmers, A/C, vacuum, lights, and more! A water heating appliance guarantees the ideal shower temperature, and a remedial washing framework cleans and relieves your pet.

The grooming includes ear cleaning, nail trimming, a full wash, fur conditioning or brushing, and a haircut depending on the need of your dog or your personal preference for the service of your dog.

Basic Grooming Essentials

  • Nail Trimming

Nail trimming is one part of prepping that each dog needs. Long nails can cause issues strolling, joint pain, and can even bend into the foot stack of your dog. Envision how awkward it must be to have something jabbing your foot ALL the time and how difficult each step must be! 

Once a month, it’s advisable to manage the nails of your dog. Some breeds require twice a month.

  • Full Wash

A few people never wash their dogs, and a few people wash them consistently. In a world that is perfect, you should take aim at something in the center.​

Indeed, even short-haired canines benefit by a shower a couple of times each year to eliminate dirt, grime, and overabundance oil from their coats. Most dogs ought to be washed somewhere around every 1-3 months. 

If you want to wash your dog personally, do it more than once every month. When you do, make sure to utilize only a delicate cleanser made specifically for dogs. Hypoallergenic or oats shampoos are perfect choices. Overwashing can dry out your canine’s skin and coat, so utilizing a conditioner aside from delicate shampoo is a wise decision. 

  • Brushing

Each dog needs at least intermittent brushing even if your dog is short-haired. Most short-haired canines shed at a little. Using the appropriate brush can eliminate loose hair and spread your dog’s scalp oil through its coat for healthier hair. Be sure to use the right brush based on the coat type of your dog.

If you are too busy to perform these tasks for your pet or too tired to go out and have a professional groomer do it for you, mobile grooming service is an excellent choice. Now, you can concentrate on doing your thing while your dog enjoys the royal treatment! 

Want to know more about Mobile Grooming Service? Contact us today!

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Proven Methods to Overcome Grooming Anxiety

Mobile dog grooming hacks

Not all dogs are afraid of heading off towards the groomer, however to a few, it’s one of the most noticeably awful days of their life, second just to going to the vet. Each dog can respond in different manners – some may have gentle uneasiness and be fractious while others can have a full-blown anxiety attack. To guarantee your pet’s bliss and wellbeing, we have compiled some of the proven ways to subdue your pet’s grooming anxiety. 

Remove the Stress From the Trip Vehicle rides incite uneasiness that can be an extra challenge during grooming. There are several reasons your pet may disdain the vehicle. Your pet might be restless about the ride itself or the foreseen factor like the groomer. Counter conditioning can help facilitate the dread of your pet and increment their happiness regarding riding in the vehicle. If you see your dog uneasiness and inconvenience with a movement disorder, converse with your veterinarian to check whether an anti-nausea drug might be useful.

Get Your Dog Used to Be Handled Grooming incorporates the treatment of sensitive areas like gag, eyes, ears, paws, tail, back, and crotch. Preparing can enable your canine to stay loose with various sorts of contact, even in touchy spots, especially during dog shampooing. Try to make your pet get used to being touched, especially on its sensitive parts. If your canine is hypersensitive in regions like the ear or paws, start by touching them on the part where it’s less sensitive, similar to the shoulder, and steadily advance toward the nail with a delicate touch. Give your pet a treat during or after grooming (choose what you see is best). 

Train your Hound to get Familiar with the Groomer’s PlaceOne of the reasons why your dog doesn’t react well to the groomer’s place is that it isn’t familiar with it, or it has a previous bad experience when it comes to grooming. Make your pet love the grooming place by having frequent visits without the intention of prepping your dog. You can ask the owner of the shop if it’s okay to drop there to make your dog familiarize the place and have a good treat before the actual grooming happens. By doing so, you are making your dog forget its anxieties and have something to look forward to every time you visit the groomer. 

Be ObservantDistinguish the particular parts of the grooming experience that make your dog uneasy and search for options. For example, if your pet is scared when lifted onto the preparing table, search for choices, similar to slopes or steps that let it move up all alone. See if your pet hates the slippery surface of the preparing table and place towels or anti-slip mats under it. The use of facial wipes and gently hosed fabrics can greatly help dogs that hate running water close to their heads. 

Indeed, even little changes like expanding the recurrence of treats or altering the temperature of the shower water can help lessen your pet’s feelings of anxiety immensely.

If you’re planning to groom your pet by yourself, make sure to make it familiar with the delicate smell, touch, and process of dog shampooing and not directly drag your dog to shower. Before shampooing your dog, make sure that the shampoo is gentle enough for your dog’s skin. Always make your canine feel that grooming is safe and fun with a lot of treats!

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