Proven Methods to Overcome Grooming Anxiety

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Not all dogs are afraid of heading off towards the groomer, however to a few, it’s one of the most noticeably awful days of their life, second just to going to the vet. Each dog can respond in different manners – some may have gentle uneasiness and be fractious while others can have a full-blown anxiety attack. To guarantee your pet’s bliss and wellbeing, we have compiled some of the proven ways to subdue your pet’s grooming anxiety. 

Remove the Stress From the Trip Vehicle rides incite uneasiness that can be an extra challenge during grooming. There are several reasons your pet may disdain the vehicle. Your pet might be restless about the ride itself or the foreseen factor like the groomer. Counter conditioning can help facilitate the dread of your pet and increment their happiness regarding riding in the vehicle. If you see your dog uneasiness and inconvenience with a movement disorder, converse with your veterinarian to check whether an anti-nausea drug might be useful.

Get Your Dog Used to Be Handled Grooming incorporates the treatment of sensitive areas like gag, eyes, ears, paws, tail, back, and crotch. Preparing can enable your canine to stay loose with various sorts of contact, even in touchy spots, especially during dog shampooing. Try to make your pet get used to being touched, especially on its sensitive parts. If your canine is hypersensitive in regions like the ear or paws, start by touching them on the part where it’s less sensitive, similar to the shoulder, and steadily advance toward the nail with a delicate touch. Give your pet a treat during or after grooming (choose what you see is best). 

Train your Hound to get Familiar with the Groomer’s PlaceOne of the reasons why your dog doesn’t react well to the groomer’s place is that it isn’t familiar with it, or it has a previous bad experience when it comes to grooming. Make your pet love the grooming place by having frequent visits without the intention of prepping your dog. You can ask the owner of the shop if it’s okay to drop there to make your dog familiarize the place and have a good treat before the actual grooming happens. By doing so, you are making your dog forget its anxieties and have something to look forward to every time you visit the groomer. 

Be ObservantDistinguish the particular parts of the grooming experience that make your dog uneasy and search for options. For example, if your pet is scared when lifted onto the preparing table, search for choices, similar to slopes or steps that let it move up all alone. See if your pet hates the slippery surface of the preparing table and place towels or anti-slip mats under it. The use of facial wipes and gently hosed fabrics can greatly help dogs that hate running water close to their heads. 

Indeed, even little changes like expanding the recurrence of treats or altering the temperature of the shower water can help lessen your pet’s feelings of anxiety immensely.

If you’re planning to groom your pet by yourself, make sure to make it familiar with the delicate smell, touch, and process of dog shampooing and not directly drag your dog to shower. Before shampooing your dog, make sure that the shampoo is gentle enough for your dog’s skin. Always make your canine feel that grooming is safe and fun with a lot of treats!
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